Coconut Dreams
Coconut Dreams
Coconut Dreams

Coconut Dreams

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Dreaming of summery, tropical coconut vibes? This gorgeous coconut themed gift box is for you! It contains:

Coconut Bowl - Eco-friendly, artisan-made coconut bowl. Perfect for Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls!

Body scrub - Gorgeous coconut exfoliating body scrub by Sky Skin Australia. Ingredients: Sugar, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, coconut shell granules, fragrance, Vitamin E.

Candle - The fresh citrus smell of lime is beautifully combined with creamy coconut in this candle by Champagne Aura. Paired with dried flowers, sparkles and Rose Quartz, which is referred to as the love stone.

Island Life Tea - Green tea blended with refreshing lime and tropical coconut for a citrus zing. Blended by The Tea Crowd. Ingredients: Sencha green tea, Lime peel, Shredded coconut 
(all certified Australian Organic ingredients).

Bubble Bath - The most delicious smelling bubble bath ever! Handmade by Sanktury, this is for indulgent, long baths, full of light, fluffy bubbles, with the decadent scent of chocolate and coconut.

Chocolate - A Whittaker's Coconut Slab is included and the coconut bowl is filled with delicious Rafaello chocolates!

Wooden Keepsake Box - Custom made wooden box, perfect for storing your important keepsakes and memories for many years to come. Box size 38 x 27 x 14cm.


ADD ONS: You can choose to add on a Mini Grazer! The best of both worlds - a beautiful hamper plus a little box of grazing goodies. You can also choose to add on a 750mL bottle of wine (please indicate in the customisation field if you have a wine preference).

Contents are subject to change based on availability. Please let us know if you must have a specific item or if you would like to customise the gift box further.


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