Mini Grazers
Mini Grazers
Mini Grazers

Mini Grazers

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Please let us know the special occasion and any personalised messages.
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Our Mini Grazers have just the right amount of grazing goodies for one person to enjoy. Perfect for business meetings or individual place settings at events!

Includes grazing selections such as gourmet cheese, cured meat, seasonal fruit/veg, crackers, nuts and dried fruit, antipasto and chocolate. Garnished with beautiful edible flowers.

All of our boxes are completely customisable. You can choose sweet or savoury or a mix of both. Mini grazers can be for morning tea or lunch.

Minimum order of four. Mini grazers are $29 each. Please contact us for other combinations of quantities.

Size 19.5 x 14 cm

Please note that all of our grazing gift boxes are unique and customised to the client. Contents are subject to change based on availability. Please let us know if you must have a specific item or if you would like to customise the gift box further.


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